6 Reasons a Health Coach May be Just What the Doctor Ordered

More physicians are practicing "Functional Medicine" or "Integrative Medicine" and providing not only an alternative to drug and surgical therapies, but supplementing their practices with Health Coaching. Functional Medicine and Integrative Physicians see the value of coaching, mostly because their patients are getting better results when their support system is broadened. 

A health coach serves as an educator, a supporter, a motivator, and a friend. Here are 7 reasons a Health Coach will make a difference in your life.

1. Your Doc gives you the what; Coaches give you the how. 

We can collaborate with your physician and provide the face time education on lifestyle change that your wonderful doc just doesn't have the time for.

Many coaching relationships begin because of a physician referral. The doc knows that if only this person could get more restful sleep and lower their stress levels, this patient would see an improvement in their condition. However, this wonderful physician just does not have the time to sit down with them and evaluate where the stress coming from. What possible ways can this stress be managed? How can we increase your resilience to stress? Your coach will help you create a plan that works with YOUR LIFE to meet these goals.

2. We're knowledgable in various imbalances that cause disease

For instance, my program's focus is FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE health coaching. We're educated on functional nutrition, the IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) food plans, gut health, inflammation, hormone balance, autoimmunity, energy resiliency, and detoxification. We're not experts and do not diagnose, treat, or cure, but we understand your condition and we can educate you on what the latest studies are saying. We can share with you what has worked for other patients in your shoes. Furthermore, physicians trust that we understand their patient. 

3. This probably isn't our first career straight out of college. We are seasoned professionals or even experts in a related health field.

I'm sure there's a handful that are straight out of college because there's always exceptions in life. However, most of my encounters and from my observations in my training programs and online research, this is our second or supplementary career. I've seen doctors switching from the expert hat to the coaching hat. I've seen counselors adding coaching to their skill set. I see yoga teachers. And me, I was a personal trainer and massage therapist. Having a coach that's knowledgable in other health modalities will only benefits you more. 

4. We've done our Research... because we're kind of nerds when it comes to this sort of thing.

We know our stuff when it comes to health and we are ALWAYS researching the latest or most consistent scientific research to support, say, the ketogenic diet your doctor wants you to try. We'll share with you the scientific support for the benefits of such a diet and information to implement it into your life. We've got a lot on our tool belt in many facets of health and lifestyle because it's interesting and we enjoy learning about how we can further help our clients. 

5. We Give a Damn, ma'am.

The hippie part of me wants to describe the supportive, healing space we create which energetically, the client can feel. While this is true, the bottom line is that we know you might have never had someone truly listen to your complaints, or the suffering you endure, and offer support in return. We want to see you succeed and just plain feel better. We'll work hard with you. 

6. We've been there!

Health Coaches, for the most part, are not going to be the perfectly fit, most energetic, never-eaten-a-bad-thing-in-their-life, annoyingly perfect health nut. Speaking for myself, and based on stories I've heard from my peers, we have our struggles. The same struggles you have and we relate what you're going through on an emotional level. 

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