Food is the most powerful tool to upgrade your health. It's the simplest solution with the biggest results. 


"Food is Energy, Information, Connection, Medicine." 

- Institute of Functional Medicine

Our food choices affect our genetic expression; they can be our medicine; or they can also spiral us into disease.

Oftentimes, we know we should be eating better and we might even know exactly how to accomplish it.

But, our eating habits are more than just nutrient intake and eating for fuel. They're deeply rooted in our past, our likes and dislikes, and our emotions. 

Beginning new food habits, continuing to do it, and enjoying it presents a monumental challenge; a challenge that we may never actually follow through with!

That's where I come in.

Support. Is. Essential. 

Support from family. Support from friends. And support, guidance, and the right food plan from me.

Now, THAT is a recipe for success! ("Yay" for food puns!)

Food Plans that Cleanse and Nourish

  • Designed by Functional Medicine Physicians and Practitioners

  • Used by experts in the Functional Medicine Movement such as Physicians, Functional Nutritionists, and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches

  • Easy to implement and follow!

  • Real Food, Real Coaching. No gimmics, No supplements (that's between you and your doctor).

  • Make lifelong, lasting habits for lasting results.

As a student of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (a collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine) I have access to their one of a kind food plans. And with my degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida, I have the knowledge and training to help you understand food so that you can make informed food choices. 

These food plans cleanse and nourish on the cellular level. These plans bring the body in balance and when the body is balanced, that's when results come. Therefore, the results can be (but never guaranteed) weight loss, decreased inflammation, increased energy. Balance is the end result here. 



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