Get fit, healthy, and strong in the comfort and convenience of your own home with the help of an experienced, professional in-home trainer.

I want to EMPOWER YOU with knowledge, skills, and confidence to exercise and perform self-care on your own. I do this in the privacy and convenience of in home visits!  

You see, after 8 years of training clients, both one-on-one and in groups, I discovered one very important thing about training people: 

Clients found more value and lasting results when they were empowered with the confidence of knowing how to exercise for their body and how to implement self-care techniques all on their own.


If you want to gain the skills of knowing how to exercise for the rest of your life, how to move properly, what to do to strengthen your weaknesses, and how to care for your body without the weekly help of a massage therapist. I am your gal.



Here's how it works:

1. First appointment: Full comprehensive evaluation

2. For the next 1-3 months, we meet 1-3 times per week building up your strength, correcting your imbalances, and working on your flexibility, or whatever your specific needs might be. I bring additional equipment you may not have such as bands, balls, and kettlebells.

3. Next, we decrease the frequency of our visits together and we incorporate some workouts and programming for you to do on your own.

4. Last, we meet as needed. I continue to send you workouts and programming as needed. 

5. Because this program is 100% based on your needs and goals, the number of sessions and prices will also be based on your needs and your budget. 


I've helped many women, just like you, reclaim their body.

Whether your goals are to manage chronic pain, to feel stronger, or to lose weight, I can help.

The classic method of meeting a trainer at a gym (that may or not feel intimidating) is effective, and I followed this method for a while, BUT IT DOES NOT BENEFIT YOU IN THE LONG RUN.

As a licensed Massage Therapist for 8 years- although my clients experienced relief- I found they had better results and extended relief in between visits using the self-care techniques I taught them. 

redhead jogging

With My Help, You Will:

- Increase your understanding of your body- how it works and how to perform basic maintenance on yourself.

- Learn how to move properly, from core to extremity, and skill transfer exercises (like how to lift things).

- Address current and prevent future dysfunction and pain patterns (like posture).

- Gain insight on how to implement an activity and fitness regimen that fits your needs.

- Create your own home gym catered to your needs. 


Whether your needs are to decrease pain, lose weight, how to put together a routine, or just feel strong you will build confidence, independence, and GAIN THE RESULTS you desire.


Moving the body creates a connection that integrates the mind, body, and spirit.

Let's create your plan together.

Contact me and let me know how I can help. I look forward to hearing your story.


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