Here are just a handful of my happy clients.

(Thank you for sending in your kind words.)

Karen, 62

I came to Mandi for weight loss. Exercise was always hard for me because of my knee pain. She was very skillful at providing exercises- and having to quickly change exercises for me- to work around my knee pain. It felt great to move again. Additionally, she helped me change my diet so I could lose weight and still enjoy food. She never made me feel like I was in the wrong when I "cheated." 


Liz, 63

Mandi helped me "prehab" before my hip replacement, and rehab afterwards. Her combination of careful functional assessment, creative exercise prescription, and trigger point massage worked so well, my orthopedist was really impressed with how much function I had before surgery, and how well and quickly I recovered afterwards.

linda, 67

When I was diagnosed with Osteopenia, my doctor prescribed weight training for me. My fitness routine was daily walking- so weight training and resistance training were all new to me! At my annual checkup, my doctor was very pleased with the results. This was in 2012 and I'm still going STRONG to this day.


ann, 45

I was in pain when I enlisted Mandi's help. I was in physical therapy for hip pain and I still had no relief. Mandi worked with me on strengthening my core and my glutes and providing trigger point therapy. I had more relief with her than my PT! Although I live in a different state now, I still use the self-care techniques she taught me for maintenance. 

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